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Born and raised in the oilfields of West Texas, I’ve been interested in learning to code for a very long time. After a stint in the Marines and a lot of practical experience behind me, I’ve decided to make the leap with and start my journey toward becoming a professional software developer. I love being out in the world getting my hands dirty and my boots muddy. I believe that the ability to creatively solve problems with software should go hand in hand with the hard-practical work happening on the ground. To that end, I hope to build applications and tools to help working men and women be their most productive.

Code Snippets

Temperature Conversion

This ruby program will prompt the user for a temperature in degrees Celsius and let the user know what the corresponding temperature is in Fahrenheit.

						  def celcius_to_fahrenheit_conversion(user_temp)

						  	user_temp * 9/5 + 32


						  puts "Please enter a temperature in degrees Celcius: "

						  user_temp = gets.chomp.to_f

						  response =  "Your temperature converted to Fahrenheit is: #{celcius_to_fahrenheit_conversion(user_temp)}"

						  puts response


						 import random

						 # Creates the computers choice
						 def roshambo(randomChoice):
						     if randomChoice == 1:
						         return 'scissors'
						     elif randomChoice == 2:
						         return 'rock'
						         return 'paper'

						 # Matches computers choice with the players choice to find a winner
						 def rock_paper_scissors(player_choice):
						     if player_choice.lower() == 'rock' and auto_play not in ('paper', 'rock'):
						         return 'Winner!'
						     elif player_choice.lower() == 'scissors' and auto_play not in ('scissors', 'rock'):
						         return 'Winner!'
						     elif player_choice.lower() == 'paper' and auto_play not in ('paper', 'scissors'):
						         return 'Winner!'
						     elif player_choice.lower() == auto_play:
						         return 'Draw!'
						         return 'You lose!'

						 # Keeps playing RPS as long as the player says yes
						 keep_playing = True

						 while keep_playing == True:

						     play = input(str("Would you like to play rock, paper, scissors? yes or no?\n"))

						     if play.lower() == 'yes':
						         player_choice = input(str("Ok! what's your choice?\n"))
						         r = random.randint(1, 3)
						         auto_play = roshambo(r)
						         result = rock_paper_scissors(player_choice)
						         print('{}, You chose {} and I chose {}'.format(result, player_choice, auto_play))
						     elif play.lower() == 'no':
						         keep_playing = False
						         print("I'm sorry I don't understand.")

						 print('Ok take care!')


Rock, Paper, Scissors

This python program will play Rock, Paper, Scissors. It contains a few small methods to determine both computer and player choices as well as very basic error handling.


This ruby program is an adaptation of a classic technical interview problem which displays sequences of the Foobar pattern.

						  def foobar (user_input)
						  	user_input.times do | counter |

						  		count += 1

						  		if counter % 3 == 0 && counter % 5 == 0
						  			puts "foobar"
						  		elsif counter % 5 == 0
						  			puts "bar"
						  		elsif counter % 3 == 0
						  			puts "foo"
						  			puts counter

						  puts "How many items would you like to see?"

						  user_input = gets.chomp.to_i




"Quotey McQuoteface" Quote Generator

A database-powered quote generator with a mobile-first design, using the Ruby on Rails framework, HTML, and CSS. Uses Git and GitHub for version control, and launched on Heroku.

Yelp Clone

A Yelp clone that integrates with the Google Maps API and includes features like user comments, star ratings, image uploading, and user authentication.

Two-Sided Market Place

A two-sided, video-streaming marketplace platform that features credit card payment capabilities, user role management, complex user interfaces, and advanced database relationships.

Test Driven Development

An Instagram clone that was built using industry-standard, test-driven development following numerous red/green/refactor cycles.

Single Page Todo Application

This single-page to-do application features a fluid user interface that– by using JavaScript– allows users to rapidly add dynamic content.

Udacity Nanodegree Project

Built a social content and discussion web application that allows users to submit content in addition to voting and commenting. Leveraged React to build a dynamic user interface, as well as Redux to manage global application state. No template or CSS were provided for this project, it was all custom created.

Skills and Tools

Michael has developed proficiency and expertise in the following programming languages and comfort with the following tools.


Email: Michael@MuddyBootsCode.io